Market Field School

Market Field School

Learning For Life

To be a centre of excellence:

  • to build mutual tolerance, understanding and acceptance within school and the wider community;
  • to deliver a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum to enrich the child's world;
  • to develop an understanding of the world in which we live, to encourage consideration for others, a respect for moral values and for other cultures and religions;
  • to develop a strong sense of personal responsibility;
  • to enable children to make informed choices leading to a happy and productive adult life;
  • to ensure the social and intellectual development of every individual;
  • to create an environment conducive to happy and active learning;
  • to work with the families of the children;
  • to work closely with other professionals;
  • to develop an aesthetic and cultural awareness;
  • to encourage participation in a wide range of activities through a stimulating environment, developing the whole person;
  • to value the contribution of each member of the school community;
  • to express a commitment to lifetime learning;
  • to provide ongoing training for all staff;
  • to provide specific areas of expertise.


At Market Field we believe:
Respect and
Are Important Values.