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In the early experience of the world children develop ideas which enable them to make sense of things that happen around them.  These informal ideas are later brought to the classroom.  At Market Field School our aim is to give these ideas more explanatory power through an investigative approach to science.  We feel that it is important that we take a child’s idea seriously so as to ensure that any change of development of these ideas make sense and in this way become “owned” by the child.  The teacher is seen as an “enabler” to raise questions, build appropriate challenges and experiences and offer new ways of thinking.

Science, at all levels, is seen as a way of thinking and working rather than purely an acquisition of a body of knowledge.  Science is essentially practical, a way of finding out about the world around us, by first hand exploration, in and out of doors.

At Market Field School in the primary years we follow a cross-curricular approach to science with topic work and projects playing a major role.  Teachers will link science with development of language, mathematical competence and with other practical and academic subjects.

At Key Stage 3, there is continued use of a topic approach with a curriculum designed to meet the needs of learners and inform them about the world around them as a preparation for adult life.  Students will study science topics in context of their everyday experience with an emphasis on exploring and finding out for themselves.

At Key Stage 4, with increased input from specialist teachers, students will be studying science at a level equivalent to GCSE.  They will work on units that are based in the context of their everyday experience of science and technology.  There is an emphasis on exploration and practical skills.  Students will be encouraged to make critical use of primary and secondary data, to question science and technology in the news and to understand that they are entitled to know about the world around them and to query other people’s views.