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Therapy Services

At Market Field School, mental health and wellbeing therapy input and advice underpins and complements our curriculum, enabling children to access their education effectively.

 It includes the following services:

Art Therapy (including drawing and talking therapy) - aims to support each pupils emotional development and to increase the learner's self esteem, confidence and communication. 

Child and Adolescent Counselling (including skilled listeners, resilience groups, girls/boys groups) - promotes learning and develops emotional, social and behavioural skills.

Play therapy (currently delivered by external providers) - Integrating play into a space where children are being followed skillfully by a therapist opens up the exploration of themes and subjects that are important to the child. By enabling a child to express and live out some of the more complex situations they have experienced the child is helped to make sense and move on from issues.


We also offer support to parents and carers through our wellbeing team including:

Confidential 1:1 Adult counselling

Home visits to support families

Parenting Groups - content provided by the Ministry of Parenting and delivered with the support of EWMHS

Half termly coffee mornings for all parents (our school gate in the warm)- these are supported by other professionals eg Siobhan Timmins (Social stories) an incontinence nurse, sensory expert, EWMHS, Interact, travel trainers, social services – these do vary depending who has availability.


"At any one time, approximately 33% of our children and families are receiving support from the school wellbeing and therapy team and we are tremendously proud of the difference we are making to the lives of these people. 
Please feel free to contact us if you feel you or your child could benefit from our services" - Sarah Smith, Head of Wellbeing